Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spays, Bites, Playtime and a Passing

 One September Saturday morning and both Hillary and I were scheduled to work.  She saw this dog had messed up her kennel and since there wasn't another kennel to put her in while Hillary cleaned up she asked if I would hold her.  Well putting my hand in her kennel spooked her and I got bit.  Thankfully it didn't break the skin and once out of her kennel she was totally fine.  Poor girl!  Being in a busy clinic is quite scary.  No hard feelings.  She was super happy 1 hour later when her owners came to pick her up.

 Lily the not photogenic cat.  I tried multiple times to get her picture and everyone was blurry.  She is a member of the Spay and Neuter Club

Harley and Murphy members of the Spay and Neuter Club

Missy was in because she wasn't feeling well.  She got fluids and then spent the weekend with us, to ensure she was eating well.

Fancy's mom was almost in tears having to leave her baby and almost had me crying.  When she posted to our clinic facebook page asking how she was I decided to take my camera outside on one of her potty breaks and take a few pics of her doing her thing and show her momma she was doing well!  

We even played ball!

 Her momma was happy to see these shots!

Some of the boarding dogs that came in on Saturday to board were...

Davidson the yorkie

 Repeat visitors Dagon and Mya.  She did her happy Boston Terrier Dance for me.  Oh its so cute!

That weekend was pretty uneventful.  Just the basics.  

 Monday rolled around and began the spay neuter train again.  



Buddy Jr.



Rusty.  On the way home he tore out his stitches and had to come back for a cone of shame.  He was not thrilled with that!

Not sure why this little cutie was in but but isn't he adorable?!?!?


 and Joe....Boxer....oh yes he did!

Besides my boarding dogs I only had one extra which was a Beagle who came for a bath.

 Over several weeks Miss Angel came in to have her blood tested as she is diabetic.  On one visit in September Dr. Rushing came in and found her lying in her kennel.  She had passed away in the night.  Everyone had gotten to know her as she had spent several days (spaced out over the month) in the clinic.  She will be missed!  Rest in peace little Angel!



  1. Run free angle.
    What a wonderfully beautiful touch for you to take pictures so Fancy's mom would feel better. Nice touch.

  2. Nice one and such cuteness. Have a great Monday Betty.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Sorry didn't mean to put Betty there, Opps.

  4. Such a great bunch of adorable furry kids. That pup probably got scared of that attack hand coming at him. Glad it didn't break the skin
    Benny & Lily


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