Sunday, October 7, 2012

Busy Busy Kennels

 Sybilla returns for another visit.

 Roscoe is back too!

 We had a newbie Lucy

Another visit from the mini Shar Pei, Sadie....

...And her brother Muffin!

Bubba came and went for a night visit a few times!  He often brought Willamina with him.  I love him coming in as he is a fun boy!

Doby came in for Boarding but on her first day had some senior tests run too.  At first she thought we were all out to hurt her and tried to bite but...

 After getting a big bed and some soft food she was ok.

Spunky still looked sad!

If a treat was presented he would perk up!  I told him not to worry as I had gotten a paper together that might lead to his freedom.

 My food counter was getting so full....

 I had to store some food on the floor next to the cubby's.

As for the cubby's them selves they were overfowing as well. 

I got the chance to work with another Cocker Spaniel named Lily.  Cockers were a big part of my life for years (Aunt Dolly) so I have a soft spot for them.

This is Sparky and you see that pretty blue harness well he got so stressed being at the kennels he made confetti out of it and had blue poops for a few days.   We now have a "Strip 'em" policy".  

Sparky's Brofur Bailey

The uber cute Glo...

And Skeeter.


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