Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A September Monday at the Kennels

Monday Monday Monday!  Whew this particular Monday was super busy.  After having to return Spunky to his kennel I began the task of photographing the spay and neuter dogs in between kennel duties.

Ernie (Spay Neuter Club Member)

Maggie Mae boarder.

Molly (Spay Neuter Club Member)

Jake the sweetest boy ever! 

(Spay Neuter Club Member)  Lola

Here is one of the official pictures of Dr. Rushing in a room with a patient.  This is for the Flanary Vet Clinic Website

Back in the kennels we have Eshan...

...Little Rosie...

...Big Rosie...

Sad Spunky

My cubbys are filling!

As is the food counter.

And my dog I have a long list of meds to hand out!

Max the yorkie

Koda who came for a bath

Fancy the boxer

And Roscoe who returned for another heartworm treatment.

By the end of the day my food counter was over flowing as were the cubbys! 

September was a busy busy time and I have only begun the process of story telling from that month!  Lots more stories and pics to come!  I should be caught up soon and be telling tails of current events. 


  1. Oh Max the yorkie is a cutie! Great pics!

  2. I'm a member of that club too. There sure are a lot of cute faces there.

  3. I just want to give Jake a big hug!

  4. Oh my so busy. Such cute faces. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly


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